Establishing a Yoga Practice

It is through commitment and perseverance in yoga that one will experience personal transformation. Yoga takes time and effort, so its important to be determined yet patient with yourself. A strong desire to better yourself – whether that desire is physical, mindful, or spiritual – is a powerful incentive to help you continue on the path of inner peace and Self-Awakening.

Moreover, it is vital to find balance when practicing yoga to establish a safe and healthy routine. Any extreme behaviors in the practice disrupt the alignment of body-mind-spirit and can aggravate the aspects of ourselves in which we are looking to harmonize. In other words, how we show up on our mats is how we show up in life!

Here are few resources to begin a basic yoga practice at home:

Beginner Poses
Sun Salutations

Looking to begin or deepen your personal practice? Contact Nicoal for a private session or attend one of her studio classes!

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